We have heard of many sports that have taken form in the past to be a part of history. Not everyone would be aware of the games that have nothing to do with the huge stadiums and clamoring audience. There are plenty of such sports events that you overlook in the process of enjoying the most world-famous matches. While millions of fans shout in support of their favorite football team or tennis player, a small group of fans watch the classic game of golf without much of a noise to back it. The sport in its most fundamental methods is a grandeur-oozing one, which not many sports are.

Golf players have no jersey, no fancy accessories; all they have is the golf club and that panache that they carry all through the game to the putt. Although the sport is not as popular as football, cricket, or tennis, golf has a fairly big fan base in certain countries. They will also have a favorite player who they look up to in every match. More players are coming into the scene of golf these days and have been generating an impressive fan base instantly. Let us have a look at the best male golfers who are in their 20s now. If you wanted a copy of these pros golf towels Speedy Sign Company can make them for you.

1. Cole Hammer (20)

He is the new star in the world of golf with thousands of fans. Cole was the winner of the Western Amateur tournament of summer 2018 and held the 10th position on the list of the best amateur golfers in the world. He was also a freshman at Texas when he was 18, and has since then, earned some good money and accolades from the game.

Cole Hammer

2. Matthew Wolff (21)

Matthew is the new style icon in golf with girl fans all around the world. He is ranked on the 5th position among the amateur golfers and the 95th position on the list of best golfers. He turned professional only in 2019 by winning the NCAA Division 1 individual championship.

3. Joaquin Niemann (22)

He was on the top of the amateur players’ list before becoming a professional in 2018. Joaquin has also had eight professional wins and is currently on the PGA Tour.

Joaquin Niemann

4. Justin Suh (23)

Justin was the top-ranked amateur golfer in the world until 2017 with eight wins from 34 events, after which he became a professional. When he was a junior, he won about five championships.

5. Aaron Wise (24)

He was only 22 when he won his inaugural game on the PGA Tour and was named Rookie of the Year 2018. Aaron has won 3 professional games to date.

6. Cameron Champ (25)

A champion by name, Cameron Champ, was given a position on the list of the top 100 players in the world. He won the PGA Tour in 2018 and have won many games since then, making him one among the top five in Tour rankings.

Cameron Champ

7. Justin Thomas (27)

Justin always holds a position in the top 5 players in the world with his impeccable performance. He has won two PGA Tours in the past and was ranked No. 4 on the table.