Private Cart Rules & Rates

Annual Rates Effective Immediately

1. Single Cart – $600.00 | Couple Cart – $900.00
2. Proof of insurance must be submitted on an annual basis. Insurance must name Forest Meadows Golf as additional insured.
3. Carts must be inspected, approved and receive annual authorization sticker by shop staff.
4. Daily fee carts are allowed, but must adhere to the above inspection and insurance rules.
5. Cart intended for use by registered owner(s) only. (No shared carts). Additional riders must pay $13.00 for 18-Holes or $9.00 for 9-Holes
6. Forest Meadows Golf Course reserves the right to allow and/or Terminate, at its sole discretion, any and all private cart privileges.
7. Cart Fees and Stickers are not transferable.